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Medical, Nursing, and Social Services

Our specialized mental health nursing team provides 24-hour nursing care, focusing on the patients’ well-being and the implementation of the multi-disciplinary team’s decisions

The nursing staff undertake different roles and responsibilities, such as patients’ nursing care, family counseling, organizing – planning – coordinating nursing care and treatment interventions, community nursing etc. The clinic provides nursing staff with opportunities for regular training, while nurses themselves meet monthly for Balint group sessions, to face and unload their feelings.

Social Services:

Social Services are provided by licensed social workers. They have an active role in safeguarding the patients’ interests, constantly searching for methods and interventions in order to:

  • systematically provide counseling and support to individuals or small groups, to patients and families or caregivers
  • ensure the clinic’s smooth communication with other services, as determined by the individual needs of each patient
  • collaborate with the clinic’s interdisciplinary team of mental health professionals
  • inform the community and raise awareness within it for optimal mental health service provision without prejudice
  • participate in the organization of in-house, as well as external activities

The Internist and General Practitioner have daily contact with the patients, looking after their medical care needs during hospitalization, liaising with doctors of various specialties as required.

The psychiatrist has a central role in the clinical management of every in-patient. She or he formulates a working diagnosis, drafts the treatment plan with the multidisciplinary team, prescribes medication and organizes the case management.

He has central role during the patients’ mental state follow-up assessments, undertakes the liaison work with other medical specialties if and as required, and oversees the community re-integration of our patients. She or he further promotes inter-professional education and training.

Other Services

Health Care

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Our approach helps improving and stabilizing psychiatric symptoms