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Group therapy and other occupational therapy group activities take place in the clinic on a regular basis, either weekly or more often, depending on the therapy objectives

The effectiveness of the group has clearly been proven as groups provide similar to real life conditions, and social contact helps improving withdrawal and other negative symptoms. Group members are carefully selected to ensure a harmonious and effective climate.

Group therapy options include:

  • Group CBT
  • Self-help group
  • Alcohol dependence support group
  • Art therapy group
  • Social skills group
  • IPT skills group
  • Fairytale (story telling) group
  • Memory Enhancement group
  • Orientation-to-reality group
  • Psychoeducation group for patients and families

Our patients frequently form small groups to visit landmarks or museums in the city, to enjoy a walk to the local square for a small cup of tea or coffee, or to take a small trip to a place of interest on the island of Crete

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