Cretan folk dances are an important chapter to the island’s tradition. Cretan people are used to express faith, love and gratitude through dancing, and these values are passed on from one generation to another.

Memory Enhancement group, as a token of appreciation to the island’s tradition, chose to learn the history of Cretan folk dances. The members of the group initially chose to talk about Pentozali dance. We learned about the history and how it first appeared in the prefecture of Kissamos, in Chania, during the Revolution of Daskalogianni in 1770-1771 (video).

Pentozali is a war dance and the Cretans danced it to show courage and their will to be freed from the Turks. Hence the name of the dance (pente means five), symbolizing the 5th in line hope to freedom. Since the mid-twentieth century, Pentozali has spread and is being danced throughout the entire Crete island.

The members of the group had a chance to talk, to exchange ideas and share experiences. We remembered the steps and we listened to favourite folk songs.

The interest was so great that we decided to learn more about “Cretan tradition” and also create a folk dances group, which will operate on weekly basis in the clinic. More coming up soon!

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